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Application of carbon fiber roller in industrial machinery

| 2020/12/1 9:54:53

With the growth and development of the non-woven market, in order to pursue wider width, higher process speed and more stable quality level, the non-woven fabric manufacturers who used to use traditional cotton spinning equipment gradually eliminated the old cotton spinning equipment, and a series of special non-woven equipment began to emerge. This paper introduces some cases of the application of carbon fiber roller in non-woven production equipment.

Carbon fiber roller for carding machine of non-woven fabric equipment: < br / >As one of the main netting equipment in non-woven fabric production, the main function of the carding machine is to separate the fibers into single fiber state after opening and mixing, and then form a thin net. The carding effect will directly affect the final quality of the products. Therefore, the working state of the carding machine itself is of great significance to the dry non-woven fabric production.

The carding machine mainly includes cylinder, work roll, stripping roll and other structural components. The outer surface of these parts is covered with metal card clothing. The so-called carding is to eliminate the transverse connection between fibers by using the interaction between a large number of needle teeth and fibers, so as to separate the fiber bundles into single fiber state. The distance between each needle roller should be as small as possible, so that the needle teeth can be inserted into the fiber better. Generally, the interval distance of carding area is 0.3-0.4mm. The diameter of work roll and stripping roll is between 100-200 mm, and the highest speed of stripping roller can reach 600 rpm, which puts forward higher requirements for the deflection and dynamic balance of roll body.

Especially when the working width of the carding machine is increasing, a certain speed will have an obvious impact on the deflection deformation of the roller body in the carding machine. When the working width of the steel roller exceeds a certain amount, it often shows defects in the deflection deformation.

In this case, this defect can be avoided by using carbon fiber composite material to make this kind of roller body. On the other hand, in the manufacturing process of carbon fiber roll, the uniformity of the material inside the roller is controlled, the appropriate winding angle is selected, and the constant wrapping tension is adopted. The same column and straightness of the needle roller after wrapping the needle clothing are more perfect, so that it can better bear the pressure brought by wrapping the needle cloth on the surface of the roller body Therefore, the high-efficiency production demand of large width carding machine is effectively realized. It has been proved that this advantage of carbon fiber roller is more obvious in carding machine with width more than 3.5m.

Carbon fiber roller for winding machine of non-woven fabric equipment: < br / >
The last link of non-woven fabric production process is to take up the non-woven fabric with constant tension, and the winding machine undertakes the main task of this link. In order to achieve constant tension, it is necessary to keep the tension constant before the cloth enters the reel. Therefore, the tension roller device on the winding machine is the key component.
The tension roller is a floating roller, which keeps the cloth tension by the weight of the roller body. However, the structure of non-woven fabric is relatively special. Compared with traditional weaving fabric, its own cloth strength is very small, but the breaking elongation is relatively large. Therefore, the weight of tension roller must be very light. When the width of non-woven fabric reaches or even exceeds 4 meters, the weight influence of tension roller is very prominent. Because the traditional steel roller body in the case of double length, the weight will also increase a lot. However, the overall weight of the tension roller made of carbon fiber composite material is very limited even if the length is increased by several meters. This can not only meet the production needs of the width increase, but also reduce the labor intensity of the operators.
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