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Driven by policy, the market scale of new material industry is developing rapidly

| 2020/12/1 10:07:25

  In order to enhance the competitiveness in the field of new materials and realize the transformation of China from a big material country to a powerful material country, China has put forward "made in China 2025", "development guide of new material industry", "national strategic emerging industry development plan of the 13th five year plan" and development plan of non-ferrous metal industry (2016-2020) Important guiding documents such as "rare earth industry development plan (2016-2020)" and "rare earth industry development plan (2016-2020)" to support the development of China's new material industry. According to the statistics of China industry information network, the total output value of China's new material industry in 2019 is 4.5 trillion yuan, which is expected to reach 7.5 trillion yuan in 2022, with a compound growth rate of 18.72%. Among them, special metal functional materials, modern polymer materials and high-end metal structural materials account for 32%, 24% and 19% of the total industrial structure respectively, while frontier new materials only account for 3% of the total.

&The output value of some provinces and cities has reached trillion. At present, China's new material industry has formed an industrial cluster development mode centered around Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. There are differences in industrial types and development scale among different regions. Among them, the total output value of new materials industry in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong is more than one trillion yuan. The Yangtze River Delta region, represented by Zhejiang and Jiangsu, focuses on the R & D and production of new materials in the fields of new energy vehicles, electronic information, medical treatment and high-performance chemical industry, while the Pearl River Delta, represented by Guangdong Province, uses high-performance steel, high-performance composite materials and rare earth Bohai rim, represented by Shandong Province, is more inclined to research and produce strategic basic materials, high-performance materials, special materials and frontier new materials. The layout of new materials in China has diversified development, each with its own characteristics and advantages.

&There is still a gap in key materials and import dependence is serious. In July 2018, at the "2018 national manufacturing power construction expert forum", the Ministry of China CITIC said that "China's manufacturing industry is not strong in innovation, and the situation of core technology shortage has not been fundamentally changed". According to the survey results of the Ministry of China CITIC on a variety of key basic materials of more than 30 large enterprises in China, 32% of the key materials are still blank, and 52% rely on imports. Among them, 95% of the high-end special chips for general purpose processors of computers and servers, more than 70% of intelligent terminal processors and the vast majority of storage chips are heavily dependent on imports. In the field of equipment manufacturing, more than 95% of high-end CNC machine tools, high-grade equipment and instruments, launch vehicles, large aircraft, aeroengines, automobiless and other key precision & nbsp; manufacturing and testing equipment on the processing production line rely on imports.

&The scale of investment in new materials has been steadily improved, and opportunities and challenges for Industry Development coexist. According to the statistics of prospective research institute, with the support of policies and the promotion of external environment, a large amount of capital has been invested in the new material industry, which has developed rapidly as a whole. From 2017 to 2018, there were 115, 74 and 54 investments respectively, with an accumulated investment scale of 22.441 billion yuan. However, due to the special nature of the new material industry, although the industry has a high profit level and few competitors, it has high industry barriers and large investment capital, so the future development opportunities and challenges coexist.

&The downstream demand is strong and the new material market is expected in the futureStrong demand, downstream products "activate" the development of new materials industry. There are many fields involved in the new material industry. Due to the different characteristics, cycle and downstream market of the industry, different industries have different demands and development space for new materials. From the perspective of product demand, 5g new materials, semiconductor materials, panel materials, polymer materials, high-performance fiber materials and other cutting-edge new materials are the most prosperous downstream demand and the largest development space. With the gradual outbreak of downstream demand, the above industries are expected to become the most promising plate in the field of new materials, with broad market space.
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